Law School Admission with Low LSAC Score

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Someone recently asked me about how to get admitted into law school with an LSAC score of 148.  The student was an adult in his 40s with strong credentials, but he was concerned about his LSAT score, which is near the low end of scores that law schools will accept today.

How to get admitted to law school with a low LSAC score

Many law schools would value your credentials and experience. However, law schools generally require a certain LSAT score threshold for applicants. My advice is to identify which law schools routinely accept students with an LSAT score of 148.

A number of books provide statistics the range of LSAT scores accepted by each individual law school. For example, the book might explain that the 25th to 75th percentile of law students accepted in 2007 had an LSAT score of 149 to 155. Using one of these books, you can find law schools that accept students with an LSAT score of about 148.

I’ve seen these books at Barnes and Noble. Borders also has them. I forget the titles, but this book may have that information: ABA – LSAC Official Guide to ABA-approved Law Schools 2008.

Do you have any other advice for him? If so, add a comment below.

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