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One law student writes, “What should I do in the summer to prepare for law school this fall?” In general, law students will want to relax, plan for fall, shop, and preview the upcoming course subjects.

Relax. For the most part, law students should relax and enjoy their summer. Law students will have enough work this fall; rest up so you have energy this fall and aren’t burned out from a rigorous summer.

When you are working hard this fall, you want to be able to tell yourself, “I had a great summer, but now it’s time to work” rather than, “I’ve been working so hard all year and never get a break.”

Plan Your Schedule. Towards the end of the summer, get your law school class schedule together, plan your study times, exercise routine, free times, work (if you are employed), and other commitments. Having your time organized will help you start the busy school year with a clear head.

Shop. Once school starts, you may not have much time to shop. Make sure you have your clothes, school supplies, and other personals so you can focus on studying.

Preview Your Law School Subjects. If you are a type A law student and want to do everything you can to get ahead, you may want to preview the major themes and concepts in your upcoming law school courses. This could include reading a study aid or Nutshell on the topic. It might also include listening to a Sum & Substance CD on your particular law school subjects while driving in the car. See Sum and Substance for Law Students. The point is to learn casually while you are interested, but don’t burn yourself out. I found I was getting excited about course to start, and wanted to jump into them by listening to Sum & Substance a few weeks before school started.

How about You? Are you a law student? What do you do with your summer free time to prepare for law school in the fall?

5 Responses to “Law Student’s Summer Plan”

  1. KH Says:

    Your readers should check out the advice posted here for more information:

  2. Stephen Massinole Says:

    Hi my name is Stephen and I am at my second year of law school at pepperdine in socal and some of my friends have started to prepare for the bar already. They are 2L’s like me but are super adamant about starting off with an advantage for next july’s bar (you know the famous “gunner” type.) They have bought this thing called attack sheets and are raving about the outlines.

    Do you think I should start studying too? Isn’t the massive amount of work we do here enough to prepare????lol. I don’t want to start getting super paranoid so early.

  3. admin Says:


    I definitely would NOT start studying for the bar until law school is over for two reasons:

    1. Your focus now should be on your grades.

    2. The bar review classes are excellent, and will be all you need for the bar exam. These classes are offered in the summer before your bar exam.

    The only thing you might consider now is whether to take courses at your law school on subjects that are on the bar. For example, some people recommend taking law school courses on family law, criminal law, criminal procedure, UCC sales, etc. However, my recommendation is to pickup what you need for bar courses in the bar review courses (the summer after you graduate) and instead focus now on courses that align with your interests and the areas in which you want to practice. For example, if you are interested in intellectual property (“IP”), I would place a higher importance on taking the various IP courses than trying to take all the courses that cover subjects on the bar exam.

    Regardless, your focus now should be on your current courses and grades. There will be plenty of time to prepare for the bar after law school.

  4. Stephen Massinole Says:

    Thank you very much for your concern, I will be sure to follow up on this advice and will come again to your consultation when the time IS right to begin my prep for the bar.

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