Law School Challenges, What are Yours?

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As a law student, what is the most challenging aspect of law school for you? What makes life during law school difficult?

Is it that you have no time, you have little money, the competition in law school is stressful, relationships are difficult during law school, attorney job hunting is competitive, or the constant criticism in law school becomes too much to bear? Here is a list. Which one has been your biggest challenge? » FULL STORY

How to Do Legal Research at the Law Library

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One of the secrets to success in law school is knowing where to find an answer, and find it quickly. Lawyers aren’t expected to know the answer to every legal question, but they are expected to know where to find the answers.

Hours of legal research can be wasted if law students look in the wrong books. One key to success in law school studying and legal research is knowing where to look for an answer.

To find an answer quickly, a law student must (1) know the resources in a law library, (2) know which resource is best for a law student’s particular question, and finally, know how to use that resource.

I learned this approach from law review editors when I served on law review. I still use this approach as an attorney today.

Where to Start

Some law students start their research by searching cases in WestLaw. Normally this is a big waste of time. Law students can spend hours reading through cases that match a search criterion without ever finding a case that answers their question.

Although research should end by finding a primary authority (case or statute) that answers your research question, the best place to start is » FULL STORY

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