Preparing for Law Practice While in Law School

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If you want to practice as a solo attorney or in a small firm, there are ways you can prepare for your law practice while in law school. See How to Prepare for Solo Practice While in Law School.

But maybe you want to work in a big firm. Want to make a ton of money as an attorney? Then understand where the money is, and more importantly, where the money isn’t.

Frankly, money should be only one factor when choosing an occupation. Unfortunately, many people go to law school thinking they will make the “big bucks” only to find out that only certain law jobs pay six digit incomes, at least in the beginning.

A well written article at, and cited in What Law School Rankings Don’t Say, explains why law students may not make as much money as they expected when they graduated from law school.

The article also explains where the money is. That is, certain areas of law pay extremely well. These areas get a lot of attention from the media. You may have read new coverage of the top law firms increasing starting salary rates.

But what most law students don’t hear in those news stories is that most law students will not become rich upon graduation. Rather, like any occupation, wealth is accumulated over time by those who become experts in their field, provide quality client service, and manage their practice well.

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