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Is Concord Law School a good law school? Is Concord Law School a good option among online law schools? Is Concord Law School approved/accredited by the ABA? These questions and more are answered here.

Concord Law School is an online law school. Concord is part of Kaplan University, a popular online college.

Benefits of Concord Law School

Concord promotes itself as an online law school that comes to you. As an online law school, Concord does not require you to move to a city with a law school, allowing you to keep your job, saving you money from having to move, and providing you more flexibility.

Concord also boasts of committed professors to support its online law school program, so law students have the support they need to tackle the online law school curriculum.

Concord Law School’s online technology facilitates dialog among law school professors and law students. This allows students to get quick feedback from law school professors. It also allows law students to hold virtual study groups with other law students.

Accreditation and ABA Approval

Concord Law School touts that it is an “Accredited Member Distance Education and Training Council.” While this is true, this accreditation doesn’t hold much standing in the legal community. In fact, the only accreditation standard that means anything in the legal community is ABA approval. Currently, no online law schools are ABA approved. Thus, Concord Law School may have accreditation from some accrediting institutions, but it doesn’t have ABA approval.

Concord law school also promotes itself as “the first online law school to be part of a regionally accredited institution of higher education.” Again, this may have value to some but is of little significance to the legal community.

Concord Law School vs. Other Online Law Schools

Compared to other online law schools, Concord Law School has some attractive features. First, it is affiliated with Kaplan University, a leader in online education with a strong reputation among online colleges. Second, Concord Law School has a number of important accreditations. As noted earlier, the most important accreditation-type recognition, ABA approval, is missing, but since no online law school has ABA accreditation, this is not a factor when merely comparing online law schools to each other.

Concord Law School Degree Options

The Concord Law School has two online degree options. Concord offers a juris doctorate (J.D.), which is the traditional degree for law school graduates, and their self-labeled executive juris doctorate (EJD), which has an increased focus on business but does not meet the legal education requirements for taking the California Bar Exam. Concord Law School provides the following degree descriptions:

Juris Doctor (JD). The Concord online JD degree is a four-year, part-time program. Its traditional curriculum is grounded in core bar courses, but Concord students often observe that our distinctive interactive online environment offers greater individual feedback and interaction than their previous brick-and-mortar graduate program experiences. Graduates of this online distance learning degree program will have met the legal education requirements of the Committee of Bar Examiners, State Bar of California, and may apply for admission to the State Bar of California.

Executive Juris Doctor (EJD). The online EJD program, pioneered by Concord Law School, is designed for individuals who have an interest in the law or whose careers would benefit from a legal education. It is a three-year, part-time program that provides a core of required courses, then offers students the freedom to choose a course of study tailored to their needs. EJD graduates use their online degree to advance their careers, expand their employment opportunities, or increase their personal knowledge without having to meet the regulatory requirements associated with becoming members of the bar.


Concord Law School is not ABA approved, so graduates of Concord Law School cannot practice law in most states (except California) upon graduation. Since no online law school is ABA approved, students should seek a traditional law school (not online) if they are interested in ABA approval, the ability to practice law in any of the United States, or the prestige that comes with a law degree from an ABA approved law school.

Among online law schools, Concord Law School is a very good online law school option. It’s affiliation with online education leader, Kaplan University, gives Concord Law School the academic and technological resources to support students and provide a valuable online learning experience.

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  1. Concord Online Law School « Legal News from an Attorney Says:

    [...] There are many opinions online. But everybody has an opinion. Fortunately, one attorney takes an objective approach and discusses answers to these questions and more this site: Concord Online Law School. [...]

  2. Law School Maven Says:

    In the article above, it is stated: “Concord Law School’s online technology facilitates dialog among law school professors and law students. This allows students to get quick feedback from law school professors.”

    True, but misleading. The students at Concord are not “live” with the professor, as in a “virtual classroom.” They can only text-message to the professors, who then may answer the students’ questions. The Concord School, thus, cannot use the traditional Socratic Method of teaching. At my online law school, the California School of Law, the technology permits use of the Socratic Method. For details go to both and

  3. Cardinal Says:

    Being ABA approved is only one area or component in getting a law degree. Concord has a comprehensive prgram certainly as viable as any other school for obtaining a law degree.

  4. Cardinal Says:

    Eager and ambitiously motivatded students involved in taking distance learning classes to obatain their degrees are not going to be bothered by the fact that the professor is not not “live”. The motivated student will push on and get the assignment completed as in any classroom setting.

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