Law Schools & Law Students in the News

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The holidays are almost here! Many of you are already done with finals. It’s time to relax, sit back, and enjoy the break. You’ve worked hard; you earned it.

Brain-Free Reading

As you kick into relaxation mode, here are some news stories that don’t require any thinking. While you were preparing for finals and in finals, some law students and law schools were making the news.

Law Schools & Law Students in the News

From this week’s issue of The National Law Journal, read a story about law students who are suing their law schools, and one about conservative, Catholic, and Domino’s Pizza-founded Ave Maria University putting naming rights to the law school on the auction block.

A few other interesting stories: UT law students petition the Supreme Court to hear the case of a 12-year old who murdered his grandparents; Hofstra and the Univ. of Minnesota have new law deans; and Northwestern’s law career dean has advice on how 1Ls can find summer gigs.

Congratulations on this semester being complete! Enjoy the holiday break!

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