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The ABA Journal is taking votes on which law blog is the best in the country. Part of the contest includes law student blogs.

The fact that Law Student wasn’t named in the contest continues to shock law students around the globe. This fact also raises questions about the credibility of the entire contest. But I digress…

The contest features a number of interesting and unique law student blogs:

Overheard in Law School centers around an especially amusing and creative topic: the blog features submissions from law students across the nation and the strange quotes they have overheard from law students or law school professors.

Nuts & Boalts is a blog from a Berkeley law student. It covers news and gossip about the Berkeley law school and its donors, along with criticisms of certain U.S. Supreme Court cases and praise for Democratic Party presidential candidates.

There�s No Competition in Law School is a tongue-in-cheek, bitter commentary by anonymous law students who rant about the latest issues important in the life of these law students. This blog appears to be in the process of closing down.

Transnational Law Blog is written by two 3Ls and two recent graduates from Hastings College of the Law who post about international law, politics and economics, especially impacts on China and Iran.

Finally, the best in the bunch:

The Frugal Law Student has received wild popular acclaim among law students and bloggers alike. I can’t hide my bias. The Frugal Law Student takes a higher course than most law student blogs that are consumed with wild rants from “trust fund babies” who don’t feel like studying (I suppose this is an over-exaggeration). The Frugal Law Student offers thoughtful and practical tips for law students who want to live more simply or who are drowning in debt.

Please join me in voting for the Frugal Law Student, or another blog if you must. You will find the contest here: Top 100 law blogs in the country.

UPDATE: The Frugal Law Student blog won the contest with 668 votes. Even more interesting, the blog named “There�s No Competition in Law School” was disqualified after obtaining 1210 votes.

The disqualification may be related to allegations that the blog’s authors cheated to inflate the vote.

Read the entire story here: Frugal Law Student Wins Law School Blog Contest.

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  1. Travis Says:

    Although I believe everyone is entitled to their opinion, I don’t think you’ve given my blog a real chance. Unlike the other blogs in the competition, the Transnational Law Blog does not discuss matters of law school (unless it has some bearing on transnational law). Blogs about life as a law student can be interesting and amusing, but comparing my blog with the Frugal Law Student or any of the others is like comparing apples and oranges. Come on over and check us out! And you’ll see what I mean…

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