How to Buy Law School Books Cheap

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You want to save money buying law school books? I’ve searched the internet and talked to countless friends to find the best ways to buy law school books for cheap without compromising value. Here is what I found.

Law students pay too much money. Law school is way too expensive. Maybe this is why Frugal Law Student is so popular. (It also could be because he is cool and writes great articles, but I digress.)

To help law students save money, I’ve been researching for the cheapest price on law school casebooks, study aids, and law outlines at various sites online. Unless you steel or borrow your law school books, you can almost certainly save money buying your law school books at these online stores.


Amazon is old reliable. It has a huge assortment of books, new and used. Since you probably already know all about Amazon, I won’t explain more, except to say that Amazon has saved me hundreds of dollars when buying casebooks for law school courses.


Lately, I’ve been really excited about . This site has a huge collection of law school books, and its prices are often cheaper than, A1Books, and event Amazon. I also like how easy it is to search for a book by ISBN, author, or title, so you can be sure you are getting the exact book you need for your law school course.


eBay has some great prices if you can find what you want, often because other law students are selling their books on eBay. If you’ve looked on eBay for law school books, you’ve probably noticed three things.

  1. eBay prices can be very cheap.
  2. eBay doesn’t always have the book you want. The selection is very narrow.
  3. It can be hard to find law school books on eBay because there are so many products to sort through.

For example, if you want a contracts outline for law school, do you search for the various name brands that product law outlines, do you search for “law outline,” “outline,” “study aid,” “contracts outline,” “contracts law” or some other term?

eBay Law School Books the Easy Way

So I looked for a way to simplify this. I found some software that allowed me run complex searches to gather and sort all the law school books in a particular category. To see this software in action, visit this simple little site that links to eBay: Law Student Books.

The goal is to help you quickly find what you are looking for, and save you money.

But in full disclosure, you should know that a small percentage of eBay’s fees that result from a purchase through Law Student Books will be paid to to help support the costs of this site. However, using Law Student Books won’t cost you any more—it just means eBay’s profit on the sale is less. So in essence, you are giving eBay’s money to by using Law Student Books.

Compare Law School Book Sites

But whether you use Law Student Books, eBay directly, eBay’s, , A1Books, Amazon, or another online book seller, I think you’ll be impressed with some of the cheap prices on eBay. Still, I suggest comparing prices if the item you want is fairly expensive. Also, pay attention to shipping fees, which vary depending on the site.

Closing Reminder: Don’t Get Old Casebook Versions

As a reminder to new law students, be sure any textbook you buy is the version you need for your course. See Why Buying Old Casebook Editions is Stupid.

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