Cool Way for Law School, Med School, Seminary and MBA Students to Promote Their Blogs

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UPDATE: The website referenced here,, no longer exists.

If you have a blog and you are a law student, medical student, seminary student, or MBA student, maybe you posted your blog posts on in hopes of getting thousands of visitors to your blog, getting filthy rich, and retiring to Silicon Valley.

Unfortunately, Digg caters to geek topics, and despite the fact that most graduate schools have plenty of geeks, it’s really tough to get a popular post on Digg.

As a side note, the only post from TopLawStudent that made it big on Digg was this one, and Digg sent over 7,000 visits in two hours, which crashed our law school blog for the rest of the day.

A possible solution has arrived: School Blog Vote is a new site where students can post their own blogs and vote on other students’ blogs.


The benefit of School Blog Vote to student readers is—students can find great websites, blogs, and blog posts of interest to students.

The benefit of School Blog Vote to student bloggers is—more people will find their blog. And that means increased visitor traffic, something every student blogger desires.

Categories for Various Post-Graduate Students

School Blog Vote is categorized into sections for law students, medical school students, MBA students, seminary students, and undergraduate students. This is nice because seminary students probably have little interest in res ipsa loquitur. Of course, seminary students can always check out the law student section for juicy gossip, such as the law student who got naked for Playboy (news story).

Anonymous Voting

One nice feature of School Blog Vote is that the site allows voting without having to create an account first. Once you’ve voted, you can’t vote again (and artificially drive up the votes). This appears to be tied to your IP address, so in theory, students could login to mulitiple computers and vote multiple times. But seriously, how many students have that much free time? Okay, maybe some do, but I presume the administrators at School Blog Vote have a way of taking care of that. Anyway, I like that you don’t have to login to vote.

However, you do have to login to post to the site, which I suppose is necessary to prevent spam (no, I don’t want to read about “Buy Viagra Online” or “XXX Paris Hilton photos”).


School Blog Vote is a great idea. It is also a new idea. The problem with new ideas on the web are 1) they may not have much traffic for a while and 2) they may never have much traffic.

Still, I think it’s a great idea for a few reasons. I have a hard time finding other law students’ blogs, and I presume that medical students, MBA students, seminary students, and undergrads might have the same problem. It’s even more difficult to find good blogs. At School Blog Vote, the good posts rise to the top based on reader’s votes.

Also, a site like this gives students an incentive to start a blog, since students can see the best of what other students are writing.

Finally, School Blog Vote rewards students who blog by driving traffic to their blogs, which often generates income through Adsense, Chitika, or other blog advertising programs.

See For Yourself

So if you you support the idea of encouraging students to blog, or if you are a blogger who wants more visitors, check out School Blog Vote.

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