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Want to wear some law school apparel? It’s not easy to find clothes with a law school theme. But find these shirts and countless others at Cafe Press:

Often, law school apparel is not the most stylish (but as we all know, that isn’t a problem for most law students). But these clothes are funny and interesting, and are sure to amuse family and friends, and maybe make a law school professor smirk when she sees them.

Nuisance Women's Pink T-Shirt Nuisance Women’s Pink T-ShirtAttractive Nuisance, you can’t complain about trespass if you set an attractive trap!

I Put The Stud In Studying Fo Baseball Jersey I Put The Stud In Studying Fo Baseball JerseyI Put The Stud In Studying For The Bar…Perfect for any law school student or graduate studying for the bar exam. Check out our entire line of funny t-shirts and other items at

I'm STRESSED! Women's Cap Sleeve T-Shirt I’m STRESSED! Women’s Cap Sleeve T-ShirtThese items include the UNCP logo. For nonlogo items, visit Cyndi’s Stuff. Thanks!!

I Own Blackacre Jr. Ringer T-Shirt I Own Blackacre Jr. Ringer T-ShirtPROPERTY LAW – I Own Blackacre. Law students everywhere have been haunted by the question Who ownes Blackacre Let everyone know that O conveyed Blackacre to you.

Almost a Lawyer Yellow T-Shirt Almost a Lawyer Yellow T-ShirtWell, I mean we’re not quite lawyers yet, so we still have some integrity and honesty

Too Cool For Law Review Baseball Jersey Too Cool For Law Review Baseball JerseyWhy aren’t you on law review? Because you’re just Too Cool For Law Review!

Joint and Several Liability Ash Grey T-Shirt Joint and Several Liability Ash Grey T-ShirtPuff puff give… pass the joint and several liability.

Carbolic Smoke Ball Long Sleeve T-Shirt Carbolic Smoke Ball Long Sleeve T-ShirtCarlill v. Carbolic Smoke Ball Company [1893] 1 QB 256 is one of the most famous leading cases in English law that helped establish the requirements for the formation of a contract.

TORT LAW - Loss of Consortium Custom Edition TORT LAW – Loss of Consortium Custom EditionThis shirt was custom designed on request for Mrs. Stephanie Buffa…HI STEPH!!! GO IRISH!!!

Res Ipsa Dark T-Shirt Res Ipsa Dark T-ShirtRes ipsa loquitur is a legal term from the Latin meaning literally, The thing speaks for itself.

Trust Me I'm a Lawyer Jr. Baby Doll T-Shirt Trust Me I’m a Lawyer Jr. Baby Doll T-ShirtTrust Me I’m a Lawyer

WWRD? Women's Cap Sleeve T-Shirt WWRD? Women’s Cap Sleeve T-ShirtNow you can ask the question that comes up once or twice in law school, What would the reasonable person do?

Don't mind the exam, again Jr. Ringer T Don’t mind the look…bar exam, again Jr. Ringer TThere’s a certain look. It’s the look of every single brain cell in your head firing in triple time. Taking the Bar Exam again. Wow. Here’s your gear to warn folks. T-shirts, hats & more. Good luck!

My Lucky Bar Exam Shirt Ringer T My Lucky Bar Exam Shirt Ringer TMy Lucky Bar Exam Shirt…You graduated law school and spent hours upon hours studying for the bar, but everyone can use a little extra luck. Perfect gift for a new law school graduate for graduation.

Honest Lawyer - T-Shirt Honest Lawyer – T-ShirtWe are not saying that anyone questions your integrity. Or your credentials. Or your motives. Or your…

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