Law School Trick for Massive Memorization

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Law school isn’t supposed to be about memorization. Unfortunately, most law students encounter at least one closed-book exam that requires memorizing various elements (e.g. criminal law), standards of review (e.g. constitutional law), rules (e.g. property), or other information. Sometimes a student merely wants to memorize a checklist of key issues to spot.

If you are facing a closed-book exam like this, have no fear. The solution is using common memorization tricks that can help you store massive amounts of information, at least, for a few days.

These aren’t late-night television infomercial tricks. And you don’t have to pay for them. These are mnemonic methods frequently taught in bar exam preparation courses.

Just spend 2-3 minutes reviewing the techniques, and select the best one for your law school exam: Mnemonic Techniques and Specific Memory Tricks to Improve Memorization.

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  1. CALI's Pre-Law Blog Says:

    Memorization tips and tricks from…

    Toplawstudent blog offers a link to a list of memorization tips and tricks. Memorization like this is pretty crucial for closed book exams.Through my many years in school, I have learned another great mnemonic technique along the way. To find out, see …

  2. Jserra Says:

    Its really about putting the pieces of the puzzle together-connecting the dots. Have to be able to relate topic to topic no matter how different they appear to be at first glance. I really find that both beat the bar and tony breeden help you to do this if you’re like me and have trouble conceptualizing the whole picture as i did when i tried in the past to crack the mpre

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