Ways Twitter Can Improve Law School Life

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Update: For more information about Twitter, I highly recommend Caroline Middlebrook’s Guide to Twitter.

Wondering why everyone’s abuzz about the potential of Twitter? Chris Brogan offers 5 reasons why they’re not crazy. For law school study groups or merely law school friends, this appears to be an efficient new way to get quick answers from friends about a law school assignment or a reading assignment, keep in contact with old family and friends, or stay in touch for after-class socializing. What’s so great about it?

Twitter is an informal way to communicate quickly with many people. It’s less formal than e-mail. It doesn’t require an ongoing conversation like instant messaging. It’s more like an easy chat room for you and your friends, but you can post to it by e-mail, cell phone, or instant messaging.

How Might You Use It?

You can read updates from popular people, friends, or others with similar interests who use Twitter. Not only do you see about what they are doing on a daily basis, you see what they are learning about and what they find interesting. This can lead to conversations in Twitter or by e-mail or phone. Here are a few ways that Twitter might be useful for law students:

  • Post a note about what you are doing each day for family and pre-lawschool friends to stay in touch. Also, read what they are doing.
  • Post a note about what you are doing each day over spring break, summer, or weekends for law school friends to stay in touch. Also, read what they are doing.
  • Ask your friends questions: (1) Hey, I’m thinking about taking Professor Smith next semester for Corporations—does anyone know what kind of exam he gives? (2) Does anyone know where I can find a legal form for selling a trademark—I need it for a project I’m doing. (3) I’m thinking about going to the poverty volunteer training—Is anyone else going? (4) I’m in a Securities class with Professor Smith—Has anyone had her class who would be willing to send me your old class notes or outline? (5) I’m preparing for the bar exam—Can anyone meet to discuss future interests in property—I’m stuck! (6) I’m heading to the pub at 7 p.m.—Who’s in?

One thing I like about Twitter is—unlike e-mail, instant messaging, and phone calls—Twitter doesn’t require a response from you when you use it. A friend may ask a question to her friends, but if you have a busy day, you don’t need to respond.

Another nice thing about Twitter is it interacts with your cell phone, e-mail, instant messaging (IM), RSS reader, and similar communications technology, which makes it easy and saves time.

Many people say it’s hard to grasp the concept of Twitter at first. It’s like someone 15 years ago saying, “Why would I use e-mail when I could use a phone or write a letter?” The benefits are best understood by those who use this new communications medium.

This presents just a few of the cool aspects of Twitter. For more information, read Legal Andrew’s post or see what other bloggers are saying about Twitter using the Google Blog Search. If you have a Wordpress blog, the 10 Best Twitter Tools for Wordpress Blogs might interest you.

Update: For more information about Twitter, I highly recommend Caroline Middlebrook’s Guide to Twitter.

8-13-08 Update: Consider these tips for using Twitter in law school.

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6 Responses to “Ways Twitter Can Improve Law School Life”

  1. Brett McKay Says:

    Excellent ideas. I’ve been interested in Twitter, but haven’t really known how to implement it. You’ve given me some great ideas. Thanks!

  2. Law Vibe - Law Student Blog and Forum Says:

    Hmm… I gotta try this!

  3. Susan Says:

    Just signed up. Thanks for the tip.

  4. eric Says:

    As if in-class wireless websurfing, email, and IMing weren’t distraction enough, now law students will be Twittering too? Oy veh!

    (Yes, I’m a fuddy-duddy old professor. My use of the term “fuddy-duddy” only further confirms that terrible fact.)

  5. timothy Says:

    Law students need fewer distractions, not more! The disruption to classes and studying with one more way of texting is insane. I think they need to twitter their student loans, and then decide if twittering is a good use of their time.

  6. VictoriaBeaty Says:

    [...] Get the inside scoop on other teachers and classes: [...]

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