Your Input Requested: Best Format for Law School Tips

All Articles Add comments now has well over 100 law school tips and other articles. Readers may never see some of them because they were published so long ago and are hard to find. This has raised the question–is there a better way to publish this information than using a blog format? Your input would be appreciated.

Discussion Board. One option would be to use a “discussion board” (a.k.a. bulletin board or internet forum) format, where law students could post questions and others could post answers.

Wiki. Another option would be to use a wiki format, which would organize tips by topic, and allow law students to add or edit each page with their own law school advice. For example, there would be a link to many categories of tips, and one could be “exams.” Within “exams” would be links to “pre-exam studying tips,” “exam-taking tips,” and “assessing exams afterwards for improved performance.” Readers could edit each page to add their own advice (this assumes law students would take the time to do this).

If you have an opinion on this or have other suggestions for helping make the law school tips and advice on more accessible, please leave a comment by clicking the “Comment” link at the end of this message.

Your input is greatly appreciated!

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2 Responses to “Your Input Requested: Best Format for Law School Tips”

  1. Andrew Flusche Says:

    I think a wiki might be a good option. But maybe I’m just fascinated with the concept.

    If you’re looking for a repository of tips, the wiki format seems good for that. Forums seem better for Q&A or something like that.

    Either option, you’ll need some good admins or moderators. You wouldn’t want things getting out of control.

    Good luck,

  2. Christopher Johnston Says:

    I think a wiki would be the best solution. It would allow access to all the tips and if it was searchable that would be even better.

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