Law School Blog Posts You Might Like #2

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Here are a few blog posts I recently came across that law students might enjoy:

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2 Responses to “Law School Blog Posts You Might Like #2”

  1. Mike Ehline Says:

    Hi. I appreciate that you linked to my blog. Out of curiosity, can you explain why becoming a lawyer without college, or a law school degreee is foolish?

    I mean Abe Lincoln did it. I did it. I am doing better than most lawyers I know with more years in practice.

    I clerked for the Court of Appeal. I have tried several cases. I am doing very well in my practice.

    I think the key is to work in a law office while studying law – even if you go to law school – if you want to make real money when you pass the bar. If you want to work for a law firm and make like $50-$70 k per year, go to law school and learn how to be a lawyer after you pass the Bar by working for a law firm 12-16 hours per day, 6-7 days per week.

    Get a job at the DA, or PD, and work less for that same salary. Get long lunches and long vacations.

    I take 10 minute lunches and carve out my own success. My solution was to do it like the public figures listed on my blog, like Clarence Darrow, Abe Lincoln and some boring [famous] Supreme Court justices. They must have been foolish?

    I think most graduates of law schools are simply uninformed and somewhat biased. You just need a way to justify paying back that incredible student loan!

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