How Lawyers in Philadelphia Effectively Use Web Marketing

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Law school teaches lawyers a lot of valuable skills — but those skills rarely include marketing. This is somewhat surprising considering the vital role that marketing plays in client acquisition. How are you at marketing yourself? What can you do to improve?

The legal profession has traditionally had a reputation for poor marketing. The primary reason seems to be that the legal profession maintained its traditional professional role, refusing a business approach, because a business approach appeared to be focused too much on the bottom line: money. Over the past decade or two, firms have started to innovate and adopt an organization model similar to business.

Legal Marketing is Growing
Today it is not uncommon to see commercials for law firms on television. The newest type of marketing is online. Law firms, like these Lawyers in Philadelphia, are using cutting edge techniques.

Who Are These Lawyers in Philadelphia?
Master & Weinstein, P.C. is a team of 7 attorneys and 12 support staff representing personal injury clients throughout Pennsylvania, New Jersey and New York from their offices in Philadelphia. Their website lists a number of their victories and the methods they use to effectively serve their clients.

Internet Marketing Used by These Lawyers in Philadelphia
What are these Lawyers in Philadelphia doing that is so impressive? First, these Lawyers in Philadelphia learned how people find attorneys online. Most people use a search engine like Google. Then they do a search for certain terms. These Lawyers in Philadelphia figured out what terms people use most to find Lawyers in Philadelphia by using a service like Overture, which shows how many times a term was searched last month on Yahoo. They probably identified the term “Lawyers in Philadelphia” is the most common way for people to search for attorneys in their target market. In other words, the term “Lawyers in Philadelphia” was more commonly used by potential clients than “Attorneys in Philadelphia,” “Philadelphia Personal Injury,” “Car Accident Lawyer,” etc.

Next, these Lawyers in Philadelphia used search engine marketing (SEM) methods to improve their rank in Google. That is, they identified paid methods that would make them one of the top ten websites listed when someone searched for “Lawyers in Philadelphia” on Google.

While there are many free search engine optimization (SEO) methods, one of the best methods is to have your website linked from other websites using the search term you are targeting (e.g. “Lawyers in Philadelphia” links to By having many sites like to your website using that term, it sends the message to Google that 1) your website represents that term and 2) your website is a credible authority because many pages link to it.

How to Get Links to Your Website
So how do you get websites to link to you? The cheapest method is to get links from your affiliates: the Chamber of Commerce, online business directories in your city, your friends’ or clients’ website, etc.

A quicker option is to pay for them. There are ineffective ways to buy links to your website, such as paying someone to add a bunch of spam links to you around the web, and effective ways to buy links to your website, such as paying a site like to have legitimate websites (such as a blog) review you or your website. Here, these Lawyers in Philadelphia paid to offer money to legitimate websites (like blogs) to review their website and services and link to them., a blog for Law School Students, is one of these websites. TopLawStudent is paid $30 to write this review. In return, these Lawyers in Philadelphia get weblinks from a number of websites specifically selected by them. In other words, these Lawyers in Philadelphia paid to quickly get a lot of links and boost their website to the top of Google searches for “Lawyers in Philadelphia.”

Other Search Engine Optimization and Marketing Methods
The number of links to your website using key words you are targeting is just one way to increase your rank on search engines. Other factors include the terms you use in your title, meta-tags, headings, and text on your website — and the frequency of those terms. To learn more about search engine optimization, visit this simple SEO guide. (Note: SEM is usually paid marketing, and SEO is marketing without compensation). As you can see, web marketing can be costly in terms of time and money, but the benefit is becoming the most popular law firm that potential clients contact when they search for a specific term.

Law firms like these Lawyers in Philadelphia are ahead of the curve. It’s good to see law firms are starting to become more business savvy by utilizing state of the art technology like search engine marketing. While legal services marketing may be a step beyond most law students’ interests — most law students need to focus first on marketing themselves — it won’t be long before their marketing skills will be important for client acquisition.

DISCLOSURE: For reviewing these Lawyers in Philadelphia, this article qualified for a $30 payment, which is used to cover’s internet fees. The content of the article was not dictated by the funding source. See for more information.

UPDATE: For a good article on lawyer marketing visit What Does Marketing Have to Do with Practicing Law?

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