How Law Students Use Podcasts to Get Ahead

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In law school, time is tight. So many law students find listening to podcasts are an enjoyable and relaxed way to reinforce what they are learning — or learn a new topic. Here is an introduction to podcasts followed by some links to podcasts of interest to law students, and finally, some podcast tips.

What is a Podcast?
A podcast is simply an audio recording on computer. It could be music or talking, but normally it is talking. Most, if not all, podcasts are free. Some podcasts are merely radio shows saved to a file for computers. Others are speeches by professors. In fact, since podcasts are so easy to create, many people make their own podcast shows and make them available on the internet for others to hear.

How to Listen
If you have an mp3 player, you can take the podcasts with you. But even those without an mp3 player have some options. First, you can listen to podcasts on your computer. Second, you can burn them to a CD and listen to them in your car or on your CD player.

Great Podcasts for Law Students: CALI Radio
CALI Radio is the premier law school podcast resource. Its podcasts have subjects relevant to students and excellent professors. With final exams around the corner, here is an example of their recent podcasts on improving exam performance:

Law School Classroom Podcasts: Life of a Law Student
Life of a Law Student is a collection of podcasts recorded by a law student. Many are simply recordings from class.

Other Academic Podcasts
If you need a break from law school topics, but still want to learn something new, here is a nice list of podcasts covering a wide range of undergraduate and post-graduate subjects.

Listening Tips
I listen to podcasts while exercising, driving, and even when getting ready in the morning. Sometimes they are related to law, but often I listen to other topics because I need a break from law school.

1. Study Tips. Here are some tips for Getting the Most out of Podcast Lectures.

2. MP3 Player. If you are considering purchasing an mp3 player, after trying a number of them owned by me and others, I would only recommend the iPod because of how easily it is to use.

3. Software Needed. What software do you need to download podcasts? I have tried eight to ten applications for downloading podcasts, and one stands head and shoulders above them all: iTunes. The iTunes software is free.

4. Find More Good Podcasts. To find more free podcasts of interest to you, download iTunes and visit its music store within it. There you will find thousands of free podcasts you can search. There are a number of legal news podcasts and podcasts produced by lawyers discussing the law.

This is part of a series of articles highlighting Web 2.0 websites for law students.

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  1. Mark Shead Says:

    I would suggest one more listening tip. If you are going to spend a lot of time in the car invest in a good interface for you iPod. After trying a bunch of FM transmitters and cassette adapters, I bought an interface kit that hooks the iPod into my VW stereo as if it was a CD changer. The iPod turns off when I turn off the car, stays charged, doesn’t lose its place in a long podcast, etc.

    It was well worth the cost because it simplifies things so you don’t have to constantly think about starting and stopping the iPod all the time. Without it I wouldn’t even try to listen to a podcast unless I was going to be driving for 30 minutes or longer.

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