Web 2.0 for Law Students

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Traditionally, the practice of law is slow to adopt technology. Maybe attorneys are too busy to learn about new technology. Maybe they are extra cautious because mistakes could lead to catastrophies for their clients. But whatever the reason, it hasn’t held back today’s law students.

Today’s law students are far more comfortable with technology. Law students are busy so they want technology that saves them time. For many law students, Web 2.0 websites are the answer.

Have you heard the term “Web 2.0?” It represents the idea that new websites do more than display information — they are useful tools. They allow you to send e-mail (e.g. Gmail.com), share photos (e.g. Flickr.com), publish details about your life (e.g. MySpace.com) and much more.

Some of the less popular Web 2.0 websites are especially valuable to law students. For example, one lets you Print on Your Home Printer From School, one lets you Backup Your Documents Online for Free, and this one helps Busy Students Easily Schedule Study Groups.

LawStudent.tv is doing a series highlighting Web 2.0 websites of interest to law students. To read about technology for law students, click on the “Web & Technology” category on the right.

If you know of other useful Web 2.0 styled websites, please suggest them by adding a Comment.

This is part of a series of articles highlighting Web 2.0 websites for law students.

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