How to Make a Good Impression at Law School Orientation

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Your friends may give you good advice about law school orientation. But this advice from the perspective of a professor seemed especially helpful: Law School Orientation Advice. Written by a Mississippi College School of Law professor, the article adds a touch of humor when explaining how you can make a good impression despite the natural nervousness that occurs this first day of law school.

A couple additional tips are posted at the CALI Pre-Law Blog in response to Professor Bowman’s advice.

I don’t have much to add, except a few points from my experience:

  1. Annoying Students. A few students established a reputation of being overly-excited and competitive by sitting in the front row and raising their hands to ask questions, especially since the questions seemed to be more about hearing themselves talk than hearing the answer. And the fact that they did this the entire first semester reinforced their reputation. After the first semester, when they received mediocre grades, they became quieter.
  2. Professors’ Advice. Professors give new students a lot of advice. Write this down and review it a week or two later. It is great advice, so it is worth thoughtful consideration during a quiet moment sometime, after the chaos of orientation. Also, professors used terms I didn’t understand, but a few weeks into the semester, the professors’ advice made more sense.
  3. Make a Few Friends. Introduce yourself to the people sitting next to you. Some students make the mistake of being too quiet the first day. Others act like they are running for political office. I found the balance of meeting a few people without being too ambitious made for a nice, enjoyable experience.

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