1L Advice: Ways a 1L Can Prepare for Law School

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Here is a list, in no particular order, of some things you can do now to prepare for starting law school this fall:

  1. Pack your backpack
  2. Prepare your computer
  3. Maybe take a Law School Prep Course
  4. Learn a few law school terms and phrases
  5. Buy your law school books online to ensure you have them on time
  6. Read the pages listed in your first week’s assignments
  7. Hand write the chapter titles for each of your casebooks on separate sheets of paper. Try to memorize them. Doing this will help you understand the context of cases you will read over the semester, and how each case illustrates a particular area of the law. It will also help you have a mental structure to place each case in, rather than letting all the cases blend together in your mind. You are establishing an organized mental framework for your learning.
  8. Buy the clothes you need such a suit
  9. Read a book like Getting to Maybe or Law School Confidential
  10. Listen to audio CDs covering your fall courses
  11. Talk to law students or read their advice
  12. Download free course outlines.
  13. Don’t worry about law school competition
  14. Get a Cali CD to tackle your property course
  15. Prepare for Contracts by reviewing the Restatement of Contracts
  16. Read this advice from the University of Mississippi
  17. Pay your bills that will be due. Put them on auto payment from your bank account if possible, so you don’t have to worry about them during finals.
  18. Get your shopping done
  19. Get your hair cut
  20. Clean and organize your desk or home study area
  21. Complete all other personal projects that would require your time during the next nine months
  22. Update your resume so it’s ready to be mailed out in March
  23. Make a daily reminder to check LawStudent.tv for the latest tips and advice
  24. Relax and enjoy your new adventure. Congratulate yourself on entering law school. Enjoy the ride.

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