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Are you a law student or attorney with a blog?

If so, will link to your blog if you post a tip or advice for law students on your blog. This will help law students find your blog. It will also give your blog publicity in exchange for the wisdom you pass along to the law school community.


  1. Post to your blog some advice for law school students.
  2. Email the link to “mail” (at symbol) “” (This is written this way so spam software won’t recognize it as an e-mail address. But format it just like a regular e-mail address (e.g. [email protected]).)
  3. If your blog supports Trackbacks, add a trackback to this article. The trackback for this post is
  4. will post a link to your blog in a future article.
  5. If you used Trackbacks, this article will have an immediate link to your blog.

Law student bloggers may also enjoy reading tips for law school blogs at Evan Schaeffer’s Legal Underground.

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    Testing the Waters…

    Can a law student have a healthy relationship? Is it even possible? You see the same people everyday. You do not have the time to foster a relationship with someone outside of law school. Who else would understand the hours that you put into studying…..

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