Terms and Phrases New Law Students Must Know

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TermsNew law students encounter an explosion of new words and terms from cases, the law school environment, and the practice of legal research. I remember my first few weeks of school wondering if I would ever read a case without encountering a word to lookup in my pocket-sized law dictionary.

Would you like to get a head start on the first semester? Harvard Law School identified a few terms as ones you should know in your first few weeks of law school here: HLS Library: One-L Dictionary. Learn them before school and you will have a head start. Plus, you will be able to make more sense of what you hear during your first week.

HLS Library: One-L Dictionary is a short list. This is good because you can learn it quickly before school. Also, any attempt to create a comprehensive list of words that law students should know would become very long—and that is the purpose of dictionaries.

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