Don’t Start Fall Classes Cold — Get a Head Start

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This is one of the best, little-known tips to getting an advantage in law school that I’ve seen: Listen to lectures for all your classes this summer, and when you enter class this fall, you will already have a general understanding of major concepts, terms, and policies. You can listen to these tapes and CDs while you are exercising, driving in the car, or other convenient times. Then when you start class, you already have an overview of the subject, and you can focus on the finer details of the law, while most other students are trying to understand the general concepts.

The Sum & Substance series by West Publishing is one of the best. (The Law School Legends Series is also good.) It is an excellent overview of subjects with examples and explanations that make listening easy and enjoyable. You can buy these first year subjects and other subjects at Amazon:

Sum & Substance audio CD and tape series:

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  1. Austin Says:

    We at CALI have similar material from professors who agreed to podcast their courses last semester (Spring 06) for the beginning of our Legal Education Podcasting Project. Some are lectures, some are reviews of recording. The blogs of these professors that house the podcasts are found here: Most are available to the public. There is no real order there right now but you can search through and find the subjects you want listen to. Not necessarily “law school legends,” but free!

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