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Advice for Pre-Law Students: Applying to Law School

Do you have friends who are hoping to apply to law school? Here are a couple good websites that pre-law students often miss:

  • CALI Pre-Law Blog – This is a great blog with useful information for pre-law students. In particular, check out its posts answering reader questions and posts with news and discussions related to pre-law students.
  • Law School USA (Video Blog) – This is the only video blog I’ve seen related to law school. This blog is provided by a girl in the law school application process. She explains the lessons she has learned and passes along a number of helpful tips.

Popular pre-law sites are easier to find, such as these:

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  • Brett McKay May 26, 2007, 6:22 pm

    I saw a few of the Law School USA videos. The adivce is pretty good, but the videos are too long. She at least needs to spicen them up a bit.