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Why Do Some Law Students Have a Blog?

UPDATE: Real Lawyers Have Blogs says that one law school graduate landed a job with a large firm by blogging.

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As blogging becomes more popular, it is inevitable that law students will increasingly become bloggers. Still, this may be a little surprising considering the immense time pressures that law students face. However, maybe it is exactly that pressure that entices law students to have a blog. That is, maybe writing to a blog is a release of tension, much like journaling used to be.

Blogs can also be a form of marketing. For example, Andrew Flusche started his blog, www.legalandrew.com, as a law student. Currently he is graduating and preparing for the bar exam. During his transition from law student to attorney, his blog has evolved with posts that reflect his change in interests from law school to the practice of law.

Legal Andrew’s blog already has over 7,000 visitors each month. I am one of them, and I met Andrew because of his blog. By the time he becomes, an attorney, he will have a strong network of attorneys and others who recognize the value of the advice and information that Andrew provides. These connections could result in attorneys referring work to Andrew or readers becoming clients.

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