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New Law School Students: Frequently Asked Questions

I came across this article — Incoming 1L FAQ — which seemed especially helpful for admitted students wondering about starting law school in the fall. The Incoming 1L FAQ (frequently asked questions) covers a number of questions common to new law students, such as:

  1. How Can I Hit the Ground Running?
  2. How Can I Get Ready For Law School?
  3. What Classes Should I Take?
  4. Are Study Groups Good?
  5. Mental Health
  6. Hornbooks, Outlines…What’s The Deal?
  7. How should I take notes?
  8. Socrates Unplugged
  9. Exams…Am I Doomed?
  10. Grades
  11. Not Losing your Mind
  12. Recommendations

The answers here are fairly basic. For example, “How should I take notes?” says essentially, “Do what you’ve always been doing.” I disagree. There are many advanced methods used by students, and they all give an advantage over undergraduate note-taking.

In the coming weeks, we will discuss a number of note-taking ideas, including using Microsoft OneNote or its Apple equivalent, various approaches to classroom note-taking (mind-mapping, type everything, type only what you don’t know, paper vs. laptop, etc.), whether to order your notes by case vs. by topic, and more.

Other future topics will cover preparing for class: how to outline cases, how to outline for exams, how to take notes while reading cases, how to prepare for classroom discussions, and more.

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